Find out how our core values have helped other clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.

Our Customers are our most important partners in every thing we do. Customizing their systems, transitioning them to paperless, and keeping them competitive is our absolute priority. K & A Quality Consulting helps small businesses safely enter their industry and big businesses remain competitive.  

- K & A Quality Consulting
“Big thanks to Kirk and his staff, K&A helped us tremendously. Looking forward to future projects and collaborations. K&A provided excellent service for all projects involved”
Ross Oringderff
Operations Manager
“The K and A team has made the transition from no quality management to an API quality management system a seemingly easy process. Thorough training and follow-up has been pivotal in our success in obtaining our registration and navigating 2 API audits already. Without the help of Kirk and his staff, I believe the 18-month process we took to go from no quality management system to API Q1 registration would have been either unattainable or much more expensive and perhaps both. I would not hesitate to recommend K and A Quality Consulting to anyone in need of developing and maintaining a quality management system.”
Greg Perrone
General Manager
“Using K & A for the internal audit process was handled professionally and on point with all elements performed. The findings and feedback provided ample opportunity for improvements to meet industry standards.”
Ray Looney
VP of Operations
“We have used K and A for 5 years. They have handled our Internal Audits, supported us during our API audits and revised our Quality Management System. There service is prompt, personal and they have been able to answer any and all questions. We had been using another consultant and their pricing was well below theirs.Their support, revisions along with additional training has made maintaining our Monogram license a breeze.”
Garett Rogers
General Manager
"The K and A Quality team was absolutely amazing! Kirk worked directly with me to build a custom Quality Management System geared to the way Northwest Metrology conducts business while adhering to the ISO 17025:2017 standard. I am proud to say that Northwest Metrology is K and A Quality's first ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Client, and highly recommend their services."
Crystal Johnson
Quality Control Manager

Extraordinary Experience

Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in Manufacturing, Oil Field Service, Quality Management, Safety Management and Auditing.

We have developed, written, and maintained Quality Management Systems for different companies across the USA and Europe. Our team is experienced on the shop floor to the management office. This gives us a unique skill set to draft and implement your system to minimize and limit unneeded paperwork.

Our Core Values

K & A Quality Consulting exists because of our values. We love rolling up our sleeves and diving head first into the source of a problem.

Your needs are our priority.